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​Branding is an important aspect of a business, and it is essential for creating a strong and recognisable image in the marketplace. It is the process of creating and maintaining a name, design, symbol, or other feature that identifies a product or service and differentiates it from its competitors. It is the overall marketing and communication strategy that a business uses to establish its name, reputation, and identity in the market.


At The Idea Mills our goal is to create a unique and consistent image that resonates with customers and positions the company and its products or services in a favourable light. It helps your customers to identify and connect with a product or service, and it creates a sense of trust and loyalty among them.

Our key offerings under branding are:

Brand strategy development: This involves defining the brand's mission, vision, values, and positioning.

Brand identity design: This includes creating a visual identity for the brand, such as a logo, color palette, typography, and imagery.


Brand guidelines: This is a document that outlines how the brand should be used and presented across various media.


Brand messaging and storytelling: This involves developing messaging and storytelling that aligns with the brand's mission, vision, and values.


Marketing and advertising: This includes creating marketing and advertising campaigns to promote the brand and increase awareness.


Digital marketing: This involves creating and executing digital marketing campaigns across various platforms such as social media, email, and search engine marketing.

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